Behind The Scenes of a Photo Shoot

Have you ever wondered where all the images from websites, catalogs, and even blog posts come from? Most of them come from PHOTO SHOOTS!  And, let me tell you what, it is an amazing operation that goes into getting those shots!  In this post we will be giving you a step by step, behind the scenes, sneak peek into the preparation, planning and execution that goes into a great photo shoot!

Blue Apron-1.jpg

Step 1 – Pick your product. In this featured photo shoot our goal was to feature some of our great kitchen supplies!

Blue Apron-75.jpg

Step 2 – Plan how to feature them. The best way to show our products great quality as well as their usability was in action in their natural habitat – in the kitchen making delicious food!

Blue Apron-147.jpg

Step 3 – Plan the recipes.  This is a very important step that also plays into Step 4.

Blue Apron-157.jpg

Step 4 – Plan your “shot list”.  What shots of what product do you want when and in what context? Using the step by step planned recipes we could identify what shots we would capture at what stage of the cooking process.  For example, we knew we wanted pictures of our sharp chefs knives cutting produce on a cutting board.  And we knew we wanted a picture of our super versatile pan searing a piece of meat on a stove.  With planned recipes and shot list in hand we were able to move on to step 5.

Blue Apron-50.jpg

Step 5 – Execute with style. The truest statement behind Step 5 is that executing with style takes time and skill.  Armed with a recipe that would only take us 30 minutes real time took us up to 3 hours to execute and collect the shots that we wanted! But man did they turn out good!

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