We got the juice!

Juice!  The beverage sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

From breakfast time to anytime, juicing is the latest trend in fun freshness. Whether you’re drinking to your health or laying out a beautiful breakout, two things are for sure: juice tastes better fresh-squeezed, and fresh-squeezed tastes better in an elegant glass.  So sit down, grab a cleansing beverage of your choice (the condensation means it’s cool) and take a tour of some of favorite juice glasses. Thirsty?

juice inside blog images

Not only do we love these glasses because they are dishwasher safe and chip and break resistant, but each one of them has a varying vibe making it easy to find something that fits your style.  Here are the highlights:

Paris  – a perfectly balanced silhouette, simple and classic

Basic Bar – classic shaped barware with contemporary dimensions

Tossa – sleek, modern and solidly weighted

Convention – classic with a touch of elegance in its rounded bottom

Banquet – a lighter weighted bottom with a curvaceous shape

juice inside blog images2

Vintage – cut from vintage bottles, a fun and casual look

Cici – a tapered curve meets a weighted base in this stylish tumbler

Draught – the perfect pint glass with a versatile shape for juices and beyond

juice inside blog images3

Feel the need to add some extra chill? Use a Vitamix to blend up your favorite fresh squeezed juices with ice.  Or better yet, bring more flavor to the party and use frozen fruit in place of ice!

This tasty trend is just in time for the summer heat!  Cheers!

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