Grilling with the Girls

Grilling with the Girls

As the summer goes by, it is without question that you will find the guys hanging around the grill at every backyard barbecue. It is an uncharted territory at every summer cook-out that must be changed! Girls, next grill-out grab your spatula and favorite recipe and watch everyone in awe, at not only your initiative to man the grill, but by the juicy flavor in your meal!

What better way to make your mark as the new grill chef than with a juicy burger! Personally, a burger that never fails to disappoint is an old fashion cheddar burger!  The sharp flavors of cheddar cheese with grilled onions add a delicious twist to a plain burger!

Your new spot as the Grilling Queen is only a few ingredients away…

Recipe: Old Fashion Cheddar Burger

Prep Time: 

15-20 Minutes

Ingredients Required:

1 1/4 pounds ground beef chuck (80/20)

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

2 garlic gloves  minced

1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce

½ teaspoon of dried basil

½ teaspoon of dried parsley

2 small onions, sliced paper thin

4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, sliced

4  4-inch potato buns, buttered and toasted

1 Tomato Sliced (optional topping)

1 Onion Sliced (optional topping)

6 Leaves of Lettuce (optional topping)


  1. Heat the grill to about 350(F).
  2. In a large bowl add the ground beef. Prepare the onions and garlic. Add the prepared garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, dried parsley, and dried basil. Using your hands, fold the meet into itself without overworking. Loosely form into 4 balls.
  3. Flatten into patties approximately 3/4″ thick and press onions into the top of each patty.
  4. Spray the grill with non stick grilling spray, and place the patties on the preheated grill onion-side up. Cook for approximately 3 minutes, until well seared.
  5. Using a sturdy large spatula, carefully flip each burger so the onions are on the bottom. Top with the cheese and cook for an additional 4-7 minutes until you reach desired temperate. Close the grill and cook just until the cheese is melted, 1 minute more.
  6. Transfer the burgers with the onions to the buns. Top with the buns and serve.

You have the food but do you have the perfect tools? Luckily Sterling Restaurant Supply has you covered for claiming your new grill spot in style!

Our Favorite Grilling Tools are:

Sturdy large Spatula


Chef’s Knife

Half Sheet Pan (toasting buns)

Cutting board

*EXPERT GRILL GIRL TIP: Muffin Tins work great for holding condiments*

Check out our  Food Truck Collection! It’s perfect for serving up burgers and a conversation starter!  (Image has been edited to 1000x1000px)

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