Cocina on Market

Cocina on Market

Authenticity is key at Chef Jason Lage’s new restaurant Cocina on Market, located in the heart of downtown Leesburg. Walking up to do the door you can hear the beats of traditional Mexican music and once inside, the environment floods you with the energy of Mexico City.


Jason’s vision was clear from the beginning.  In an interview with him we asked him about what was so special about this venue and what drew him to it:

“When I walked in here, the first five minutes I was in here, I knew this was going to be a Mexican restaurant, I knew what type of food we were going to be serving here.”

The building itself was built back in the 1870s and has the style of architecture you would see in Oaxaca and Puebla.   The front rooms are alive with beautiful commissioned paintings by Mexican artisan Juan Tores to really amplify the diner’s experience.

Hung from the vaulted 16ft ceiling above the bar is an upside-down, hammered copper, agave plant chandelier- a fitting homage to the mescal and tequila served below.  The chandelier is paired with other metal art pieces like a mixed media art piece of a Mixtec glyph from an old Tree of Life codex and an iguana that Jason calls his “Oaxacan Iguana”.

The Latin American influence does not end with the architecture or the art inside; it is authentic to the surrounding historical Virginia areas.  Pulling in pre civil war wood from a nearby farm in Purcellville as shelving, as well as old roofing metal from a house built in 1800 as wall accents.


Attention to detail was not missed from the colorful paintings on the wall to the Dia de los Muertos tile accents.  Jason comments “We want you to feel like you are on a street corner in Mexico. It’s loud, almost kind of obnoxious with the colors.”

Just like Jason’s other locations at Market Table Bistro and Market Burger and Shakes, the menu at Cocina will change often and will highlight the freshest of the season’s local ingredients.  And this menu is truly not to be missed.  We tried a little bit of everything when we visited and it could not be beat!  Read all about his Mesoamerican Menu here.

Loaded with carefully curated detailed from north and south of the border, dining at Cocina on Market is equally a feast for the eyes and the palette.

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Looking for hours and directions for Cocina on Market?

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