The Menu of Cocina On Market

The Menu of Cocina On Market

“People ask me what’s your signature dish – I don’t really have a signature; I like to tell you that every time I sign something, my signature changes a little bit, so you’ll never ever have the same signature dish.”  -Chef Jason Lage

Chef Jason Lage has truly outdone himself at his new restaurant Cocina on Market.  Jason took his travels through Mexico and transformed them into a delicious and authentic menu that features the surrounding areas’ freshest seasonal ingredients.

We asked Jason what his vision for the menu was:

“The vision of the menu is that everything should be shared throughout the table or the party. The food is meant to be fun, and it’s meant to be shared, and eaten with your hands, most of it, and touched.”

The menu at Cocina is broken down into sections, and we experienced them all.

First is Snacks, which Jason believes should begin every meal. These pre-meal small bites made our taste buds come alive.  We enjoyed the savory delights of Queso Fundido and Chicharrones. The fresh and bright flavors of the Guacamole and Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup left us excited for what was to come.Cocina Dinner-28

Up next, Ceviche! There are 3 Ceviches on the menu that will change according to what is in season.  The inspiration for these primarily comes from the state of Veracruz in Mexico.  Each one of these Ceviches was delightfully different:

Cocina Dinner-65

A tomato based mix of seafood mixed with avocado, onion, chilies and cilantro create Jason’s Veracruz Style Seafood Coctel.

Cocina Dinner-69.jpg

Fresh scallops with cucumber, jicama, lemon, mint and almond marry together to make the perfectly balanced Scallop Ceviche.Cocina Dinner-63.jpg

And the Tuna Tostada could not be missed with his beautiful plating style and bursting flavors of avocado, citrus, arugula, radish, Serrano chili and sesame.Cocina Dinner-111

Lage really brings authenticity home with his selection of “From The Streets” food.  This area of the menu is filled with fare you would typically find on the street in Puebla, Oaxaca, and Mexico City. It is truly designed to be shared and enjoyed together.  There is something for everyone within this street food – Tacos, Quesadillas, Pork Cemita, and Cabra Carbacoa Torta all exploding with vibrant flavors at the hand of Chef Jason and his staff. Looking for a place to spend Taco Tuesday with your friends? This is it!


Feeling full yet?  We were, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the dishes from the area of his menu he calls “The Casa”.  Jason describes these are more formal dishes –  Crispy Whole Fish plated deliciously with salsa fresco; Chicken Asado that was perfectly seasoned and incredibly juicy and tender; Pork Cocido en Grasa, perfectly cooked pork belly with a plate slathered in homemade mole and a radish, pineapple, jicama, salsa. And last but not least, a dish near and dear to Jason’s heart called Milpas featuring squash, corn and beans.   A version of this will always be on the menu but will frequently change with what ingredients are in season.

All along our culinary journey we enjoyed cocktails that centered on the 2 types of liquor they serve – mezcal and tequila.  Their cocktails are as fresh and authentic as their food. They keep them simple and pure, a perfect pair with your food.

Whether you are looking to enjoy snacks with friends, grab a cocktail or enjoy a festive and authentic Mexican meal – Cocina on Market is absolutely delicioso!

Cocina Dinner-18.jpg

Looking for hours and directions to Cocina?

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