A Guide to Sterling Restaurant Supply Pt.1

The Guide to Sterling Restaurant Supply Pt. 1

Welcome to our guide to Sterling Restaurant Supply, the best store to buy five-star quality restaurant supplies for both Commercial and Private consumers! This is Part 1 covering the left side of Sterling Restaurant Supply in our 3 Part series to give you our customers a virtual tour of our store. Now you can experience the wonder of Sterling Restaurant Supply without even being there!

What can you find on the Left side of Sterling Restaurant Supply?

Cloud Terre Studio

On the beginning of the left side of the store, you will find our Cloud Terre Studio products. These are handcrafted by our potters in the US at both our Winchester locations and the same building as our Sterling Restaurant Supply itself! Each piece possesses subtle variations, providing the perfect stage for culinary explorations to be experienced.  There is a unique story in every piece that you can truly explore as you touch the clay and feel the way it was crafted by our potters. If you are looking for personality driven tableware, then this is your destination.

SRS 2017 One Loudoun-95.jpg

Special Order Products

Continuing on the left side, you will see our Special-Order section of beautiful custom crafted items from our Fortessa Flatware, Fortessa Bone China, and Fortaluxe Superwhite brands. The Fortessa brand is well known in 5 star restaurants and retailers for both it’s design, and durability. If you want to add your brand to make your own unique Fortessa product, then Special Order Products allows unlimited customization to tailor to your needs.

SRS 2017 One Loudoun-2.jpg

The D&V Spice Collection

You will also see our Spice collection from our D&V brand on the opposite side, designed to bring out the flavor of your home with rich vibrant colors including Cayenne, Saffron, and Cilantro. They are perfect for almost any occasion, from being used as accent pieces to brighten up your plating to being your complete table setting. Don’t worry about color clash, D&V Spice is designed to easily mix, or match in all it’s colors.

SRS 2017 One Loudoun-65.jpg

Our Discontinued, Seconds, and Exchangeware Products

After the Special Order selection, you will see a section dedicated to our Discontinued, Seconds, and Exchangeware products.  Our discontinued items are of course the items that we have decided to stop the sale of for various reasons, and are discounted by (insert here).

Seconds on the other hand are products with minor defects that haven’t met the quality requirements we expect in our main line. As a result we have opted to sell these items at a reduced cost to consumers that don’t mind the minor defects in exchange for a reduced cost of (insert here).

Exchangeware products are items that we take from hotels who want to exchange them in return for a discounted price on buying our line of items. We make sure that every item that comes to us in this process are intensely cleaned and harmless for our consumers!

SRS 2017 One Loudoun-10_web

Second Quality Stock

In the very back of our store in the left you will see where we store our stockpile of Second Quality Stock also known as Seconds. Need a lot of a certain item in Second Quality? No problems we’ve got you covered with our immense stock! Never worry that we won’t have enough for what you may need, the consumer will always get what they want at Sterling Restaurant Supply.

SRS 2017 One Loudoun-80.jpg

That’s it for the left side of Sterling Restaurant Supply, we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we do every day.  Keep an eye out for Part 2 (The Middle Side)  and Part 3 (The Right Side) to experience Sterling Restaurant Supply in it’s fullest.

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